Caroline Broes

Caroline Russell Broes started her ballet training at age 5 at Ballet Petit in La Cañada, California under the direction of Buzz and Joyce Johnson.At age 12 she danced the "White Cat" pas de deux from "Sleeping Beauty", choreographed by Kirk Peterson of ABT. She also studied at the San Francisco Ballet School in 1979.

Mrs. Broes continued her training at Le Studio in Pasadena, started by Evelyn LeMone, under the direction of Philip and Charles Fuller. She danced the first "Nutcracker" performed by the Pasadena Dance Theater, and played the parts of "Snow Queen", "Spanish", "Doll", "Waltz Soloist" and many others.Mrs. Broes graduated with a BA degree in Dance from Cal State Long Beach in 1991, with an emphasis in modern dance. She studied Horton technique with Mary Jane Eisenburg and Gloria Newman, and ballet with David Wilcox of the Long Beach Ballet; Rebecca Wright and George de la Peña of ABT. It was at Cal State Long Beach that Ms. Broes had her first experience teaching dance as a student teacher in the public high schools. Ms. Broes also studied modern dance at "Jacob's Pillow" in Massachusetts, where she studied with Judith Jameison, who was a huge influence in Ms. Broes' philosophy of dance and teaching technique.

Mrs. Broes has dedicated the last 23 years of her life teaching the classical art of ballet to young students. She has choreographed countless versions of the "Nutcracker", "Sleeping Beauty", "Swan Lake", and many other classics, just for children. "In order to keep ballet alive, we must have children who are eager to participate" says Ms. Broes. "There is a fine line between having fun and teaching the correct technique in the same class. It is my goal as a teacher to give my students both". As the Children’s Artistic Director of the Dance Conservatory of Pasadena, Ms. Broes continues to see her passion come to life.

Mrs. Broes lives with her husband and two sons, in La Cañada, California.