Pre-Professional Program

DCP’s Pre-Professional program is for those students age 10-19 years old who wish to master the art of ballet. Our instructors have extensive experience as performers, teachers and directors. Their dance credentials include certification from Royal Academy of Dancing and American Ballet Theater, and dance experience with the Bolshoi, San Francisco Ballet, Nederlands Dance Theater and Hubbard Street. They provide invaluable information and advice. This program is a segue to a dance career or to dance programs in major universities. For our younger students under the age of 10 years old, we offer Pre-Tech classes to provide them basic foundational skills, terminology and discipline which is required for advancement into the Pre-Professional program. DCP has 5 levels in the Pre-Professional Program. Each level carefully guides students in technique, musicality, strength and poise. Tech 1 and 2 focuses on technique, terminology, strength and posture. Tech 3 introduces performance skills as well as continued focus on technique and pointe work. Tech 4 and 5 focuses on performance skills and artistry as well as encourages individual expression of creativity through other styles of dance and choreography. All students are offered performance opportunities so that they may gain experience in dancing on stage in front of a live audience. DCP has two major performances during the school year, and our students perform all roles. Auditions of our full time students are held for most major roles in our full length ballets. DCP also successfully participates in the Youth America Grand Prix every year.

Participation in the Pre-Professional Program is by audition or instructor approval. There are limited needs based and merit based scholarships available.


Tech 1

The dancers begin working at the barre, learning the names, traditions, disciplines, positions, basic movements, and directions.

Tech 2

The dancers begin using the knowledge they have already gained and apply it to more complicated steps, enchainments, and still ensure they keep the artistic component intact as they gain physical strength.  Pre-pointe work generally begin here.

Tech 3

The dancers learn more petite allegro and adage work to gain the strength for pointe work which is generally introduced at this level.  Stress on perfecting batterie continues, and grand allegro is begun.

Tech 4&5

The dancers begin to learn to smoothly combine more complicated steps while keeping their artistry intact and continue learning steps, more styles, and push their artistic envelopes.  Planning on traveling to NYC intensives and participating in YAGP is strongly encouraged.


  • Black leotards

  • Pink tights

  • Pink ballet slippers

  • Hair must be pulled neatly off of face and securely fastened in a bun (no ponytails please)

  • Tight fitting pink leg warmers may be worn at the barre in cold weather